fake watches Cartier Calibre De Cartier Diver Blue Watch Hands-On

Continuing the trend of "bluer is better" watch design, Cartier showed a blued version of his Caliber De Cartier Diver at SIHH earlier this year. As with many of his peers, this simple exchange of colors manages fake watches Cartier to communicate this rather elegant Cartier diver with a different appeal than the original version with black selection. From steel to solid gold, Cartier's Cartier Diver Blue caliber dresses the colors well, adding a playful touch of personality to a brand often characterized by their stoic aesthetics.

Save for coloring, the blue variant of the Caliber de Cartier diver is identical to the original black version of the Caliber de Cartier Diver that Ariel has reviewed here. With a 42 mm steel or 18 carat rose gold case, the new blue dial is combined with an equally blue ceramic bezel insert. With a thickness of 11 mm, the Caliber de Cartier Diver is a worn clothing diver, which offers a sportier interpretation of the Caliber fake Tag Heuer de Cartier platform. The sub costumes are a strange evolution, a subspecies of the sports watch grown to bridge the gap between the traditional role of a diving watch as an instrument and its more modern context as a luxury object with adventurous intentions (especially within the borders of Cartier and his peers).

While few diving watches actually see use as scuba diving tools, many watch buyers want a watch with the accessory qualities of a diving watch (robust construction, good legibility, waterproofness and a casual masculine touch). Thus, within the large market for casual diving watches, there is a demand for higher-end products that maintain an appearance of their instrumental roots. A very similar thing has happened to SUVs in the last twenty years. What was once an instrument became popular for its strong versatility and was eventually co-opted by the luxury market. Think of the difference between an old Wrangler and a replica watches new Grand Cherokee or a Merc 280G against a modern G65.

As such, the Caliber de Cartier Diver Blue, although undeniably a luxury product, is water resistant up to 300 meters, has a legitimate diving bezel, strong legibility and an internal capable automatic movement. Within his well detailed case, we find the MC movement of 1904 by Cartier, a double sports barrel that provides a more constant torque in the 48-hour power reserve. With 27 jewels and a frequency of 4Hz, the 1904 MC is not particularly elegant, but it is a movement capable of finding a suitable home in the Caliber de Cartier family.