Quality Assurance

Polyware Quality Assurance:
We develop and manufacture trendsetting products, continuously improving our facilities & technologies allowing the individual solutions for a wide range of demanding applications in various sectors.
Polyware fully aware quality is the lifeline that enterprises seek survival and will affect in the success of products and marketing. Therefore, we strive for the best to meet customers’ demand in our quality control.

• To safeguard material quality till product performance is compliance to international sustainability standards.
• To safeguard end users interest.

Quality Determine Our Success
Quality Consciousness and Quality Standards provide security & commitments for a reliable system to satisfy our customers.

Our Laboratory Facility:
• Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) Test
  To Measure the long term performance of the material
• Melt Flow Rate (MFR) Test
  To measure the material flow rate as required by injection process
• Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  -Long term Hydrostatic test
  -Short term Hydrostatic test 
  To test the hydrostatic performance of the product under designated pressure rating
• Hydrostatic (Hydraulic)pressure test when subjected to bending stresses (Bending  test)
• Infiltration test
• Pull out test

Innovative Thermoplastic Jointing Technologies
Focuses in providing intelligent solutions to totally measure the success of custom-made system through creativity & innovative.

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