POLYWARE acknowledged the need to safeguard our earth for the next generation as an HDPE and PPR pipe systems manufacturer. Our products are fully recyclable at the end of life. And that's not all. ‌ ‌

‌Our contract recycling vendor collects all our post-industrial plastic to undergo granulation so it can have a second life. They then use a mechanical recycling process to produce high-grade plastic pellets for other remanufacturing industries, such as the production of kitchenware, water, milk, toiletry, detergent bottle, etc. This is another way to create a circular economy to safeguard recovered materials able to re-enter the supply chain.


The increasing importance of clean water and the desire for renewable energy resources unfold the necessity of development in interaction with our ecological system. Natural resources are not endless, predominantly freshwater, just 3% of all the water on earth. And water scarcity is a growing concern to wildlife and human communities.

POLYWARE believes in resolving the tasks through environmental technologies, beliefs, and obligations towards our planet. Our goal is to align our vision and business practices with a sense of relationship to society and the environment.

Our community involvements are family life education camps, senior healthcare, and women empowerment. 


We heed the life value of the founder - Lim Hock Chiang Green Water Foundation' 助人为本, 他人好, 我才好,' a Chinese idiom that says the secret to happiness is by helping others. Aiding connects us to others, makes better communities, and assists in building a happier society for everyone.



It is a vital part of education as it leads us to have true understanding of ourselves, our inner heart and understanding the relationship between ourselves with others. We also clarify the meaning and the values of life.With the support from POLYWARE SDN BHD, Persatuan Kebajikan Lim Hock Chiang works together with Positive2u Sdn Bhd from Penang for giving a series of Life Education and Mental Health Talks to public since March 2015.

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