It is necessary to determine the material's chemical resistance and long-term performance when transporting various liquid mediums.

POLYWARE'S industrial pipe systems and solutions offer exceptional chemical strength and advantages over others in this application. Our lightweight, leak-free pipes and heat-fused joints are ideal for conveying industrial liquids and other hazardous fluids. They can withstand continuous pressure fluctuations and resist abrasive materials that pass through them. Due to the material's flexibility and durability, fittings are fewer, thus, offering less installation time at the sites and substantial cost savings.


All-Purpose Pipe Aligner
Enlarging Tee
Socket Welder
Repair Clamp
Clamp Saddle (Agriculture)
Jumbo Clamp Saddle with Male Threaded Outlet
Penguin Master Advance Thermoplastic Ferrule PE Connection
PP Steel Flange Adaptor