Recognition for good work may be the most important in most working environments, but POLYWARE believes in the power of progress. We see it implicates where to focus, thus influencing employees’ motivation, wellbeing, and creative outputs, and efficiency.

In POLYWARE, employees are valued and respected and have greater flexibility. They undertake various on-the-job-training programs to enhance their knowledge base and job skills. Our employees also regularly join team-building activities outside their workplaces to improve mental health, promote better communication, and increase confidence.

It's POLYWARE'S culture to take our employees' perspectives seriously.


POLYWARE is in rapid growth mode and is recruiting qualified individuals of any race and age above 21.

We are looking for competent individuals who are team players, innovative, energetic, confident, and accountable to join us. If you are that stunning person, please write to us for new vacancies availability.


Welcome to POLYWARE.

Exclusively for Malaysian undergraduates in any degree program studying in Malaysia or overseas, our Internship Program is ideal for exploring a new career. The program helps interns secure valuable hands-on experience and speed up their technical, interpersonal, and social skills necessary for professional development and success at school, the workplace, and beyond.